Add the Element of Water to Your Yard

Explore our custom water features in North Chicago & Highland Park, IL

Do you have a beautiful landscape, but feel like it's missing something? Adding a water feature to your yard might be the answer. Mueller Landscape Co. specializes in custom water features in North Chicago & Highland Park, IL.

A custom water feature makes your property exceptional. When designing your custom water feature, we keep in mind the most prominent viewing positions so you can get the most out of it. Adding ledges to your feature causes the water to sparkle and create a soothing sound as it flows over them. The flow of water creates a relaxing white noise which helps fade out disturbing external noises. In result your outdoor living space transforms into a more peaceful oasis.

We pride ourselves on using only natural stone for our water features, not plastic. This makes them easy to maintain and resistant to algae.

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Experience the benefits of a sprinkler system

In addition to custom water features, we provide sprinkler installation services. Having a sprinkler system for your yard is crucial and provides many benefits, such as:

  • Convenience: Forget manually watering your lawn to keep it green and to manually water your plants to get them to flourish
  • Safety: Stop untangling you garden hoses and having to lug them to your flowering plants. Leaving hoses lying about creates a trip hazard for your family and your gusts
  • Optimal water amount: Strategically placed sprinkler give you plants the proper amount of water to meet individual plant needs. You prevent wasting water where not needed
  • Hassel free: Having a contractor install your sprinkler system who installed your plants eliminates the hassle of getting in the middle of the plantsman blaming the sprinkle contractor or getting the sprinkler contractor to understand a plant's watering need

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